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Independent Girl


Hey all.

I found this via Cleo's blog, actually (God, I adore that thing). I'm Kelaina, and I've been writing for...well, most of my life. Having very recently been laid off, and with six weeks before my wedding and honeymoon, I've decided not try and look for full-time work, but to focus on my writing. I've been sadly neglecting it, and am trying to get back in by writing in my LJ.

I'm very interested in finding a community where one can discuss the frustration and struggle of writing, as well as receiving and giving con-crit. Cleo's blog has some interesting discussions on this, but I'm also looking for a full-scale community.

I've written several novels, some finished, some not, as well as dozens of short stories. I've been unseriously published (unseriously is what I call it when the publication a)isn't paying you and b) will probably not further your writing into a real career), and I am deep in the midst of research in Victorian England, circa 1870-1875.

Part of this is due to my wedding (this is what happens when you are both historians, God help me), but I've also spent months doing intricate research on Victorian fashion and life in an attempt to begin writing a novel, hopefully to be seriously published.

I am still undecided, as of yet, if I can turn this hobby into a career, but the only way to know that is to research and write.

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