The Jabberwock (bewarethejabb) wrote in writer_girls,
The Jabberwock

good evening all!

Jerry here. Found this place by clicking around through interest searches. I'm working on a gritty, brutal contemporary drama which is on it's third draft, and goofing off with a silly high-fantasy fluff piece in my free time.

This is an excerpt from the contemporary drama:
This is my all time low.

Not everything I write is that gruesome and brutal. Sometimes I just wax philosophical (also excerpt from contemporary novel):
History always finds that whether he was styled king or prophet, he is still a man, carbon-based and flammable.

This is a tiny bit of aforementioned high fantasy side project. I am so epic it hurts.

This is a longer bit of that high fantasy fluff piece:
There are very few true knights in this world.

This was a shockingly popular post about real-life roommate drama, some years ago: about my roommate and how she is a wHOre with a capital HO

I operate on a comment-for-comment basis. (Of course, in a writing community, I will get the ball rolling by going through and giving out lots of comments first) Every time you take the time to comment on something of mine, I will take the time to click through and read your journal thoroughly, to see if I've missed any recent posts, and comment, probably several times if you have several comment-worthy posts. Bonus effort for bonus effort - the more thoughtful I notice you are with me and my posts (especially giving feedback on my fiction) the more thoughtful I will be with you. I also do just comment on random stuff I see in communities and on my friends page, but you will get more and thoughtful reading from me the more you treat me as you'd like to be treated.

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